Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Hello... It's been a while

It's great to be back blogging. At a time when parents are having to step into our shoes, I admire their perseverance. I'm reminded weekly of how much parents have been doing to ensure that their child continues to learn. Parents have taken a leave of absence from work to make sure they can help their child. I'm in awe of these incredible parents!

I'm currently working on a Novel Study for the book, "Charlotte's Web." I can't wait to use it in the classroom next year! It should be available in about two weeks. All of my lesson plans are based on Bloom's Revised Taxonomy. It has been so much fun to revisit this classic book, that I loved so much as a child. Here are some of the pages so far! Feel free to download them and use them. 

When the Corona Virus hit, I decided to create a free product that could be used with packets. My students needed practice with long division. Please enjoy:

If you are interested in adding cursive to your student's/child's distance learning, this is a recent cursive resource that teaches letters in a specific order based on their design.

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