About Research Based Teaching Tools

Research Based Teaching Tools began in 2012 on a website where I created materials and shipped them to people. I soon found Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook. I never made any profit on the website so I decided to try out those new pages. Research Based Teaching Tools is now on Educents, and Teachers Dojo. We are growing more everyday! 

My mission when I began Research Based Teaching Tools was to create tools for educators built on research. That is why we have Comp. Quest 1 based on Bloom's Taxonomy, and Comp. Quest 2 based on Bloom's Revised Taxonomy. Materials for Literacy and Math Centers based on various books include a variety of learning tools to meet student's individual learning styles based on the research of one of my favorites Howard Gardner. Our materials are usually easily differentiated.

These are our first design!

This was our second design!

This blog is our third design!

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