Thursday, August 13, 2020

Back to school already?

I got a text yesterday asking if I was ready to go back to school from a friend. I hadn't received a formal letter from the superintendent like I typically do. It is only the second week in August. I forgot that in our district we go back to school earlier. She told me to check my email, and that is where I found out that next Monday is our first day back! The beginning of this school year is not like any that I have experienced in the past. Even though this will be my 18th year as a teacher, it feels like a first year. There is so much uncertainty. At least I will have some of the same students as I had last year. I taught 4th grade before, and now I will be teaching 5th grade. Now that the shock has worn off, it's time to get organized!
I have one activity I will send to them as we begin the school year. It's a great review for many of my students who probably have forgotten how to do multiplication. 
It's on sale for only $1.00 for one more day.
Here is a freebie from my TPT store that might be a huge help for you to get to know your students during the new school year.


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